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  • Sock pattern design and process plate making

    Sock pattern design and process plate making

  • Teach you something about socks

    Socks in everyone's life is so small, but it is an indispensable existence. How much do you know about matching, cleaning and recycling old socks? Today, let's share some knowledge about socks.

  • Textiles can be roughly divided into the following categories: a: plant fiber b: animal fiber c fiber and recycled fiber.

    Textiles can be roughly divided into the following categories: a: plant fiber b: animal fiber c fiber and recycled fiber. Plants include: cotton, hemp. Kapok, etc. Animal species include: wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, silk, etc. Chemical fiber category includes: polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon, etc. Synthetic fiber refers to the raw material of two kinds of raw materials, which includes: mian qing, mian di, MAO qing, mian ma, etc.

  • Pregnant women wear elastic socks ?what are the benefits of pregnancy elastic socks good?

    There are a lot of mommy found, after giving birth to a child also gave birth to two radish legs! Nearly 88 percent of women experience varicose veins after pregnancy, when the weight of the baby puts too much pressure on the legs, damaging blood circulation in the legs. Most of these problems improve within the first few months after birth. But the damage to the blood vessels has been done. Prevention is better than cure if you want to keep your legs after birth. Had better begin leg ministry to maintain from be pregnant; "Massage" is basic and "wearing elastic socks" is the best way to prevent it.

  • Characteristics of bamboo fiber socks, the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo fiber socks

    Bamboo fiber socks are natural growth of bamboo as raw materials, with high-tech methods to make bamboo pulp, spun into bamboo fiber yarn, made of socks. Because bamboo fiber has a unique structure of more than empty, bamboo fiber socks with breathable sweat absorption, soft and comfortable characteristics. Because there is a natural antibacterial material in bamboo called zhukun, so bamboo fiber socks have a natural antibacterial bacteria, anti-mite and anti-odor special function, effectively remove odor, make feet dry and comfortable.

  • The characteristic of appeal silk stockings

    General pattern of appeal filar socks is exquisite, design is bold, the characteristic such as material of tight, translucent, bud silk roll, condole sock elastic belt can improve sexual love fun between husband and wife greatly, make marital relationship more harmonious.

  • Old people wear socks well

    The sweat gland that distributes on sole of the foot and the palm are same and rich, accordingly, old people should penetrate air, the shoe with good wetting sex and sock, just be helpful for the volatilize of foot sweat. In terms of texture, bacteria multiply on socks at the rate of dacron, polyamide, wool, cotton and silk stockings.

  • Etiquette requirements for men's formal business socks

    Etiquette requirements for men's formal business socks Wear business attire and leather shoes with business socks. The concept of business socks is very popular in Europe and the United States, there has long been "business people must a dozen business socks".

  • Proper maintenance and cleaning of socks

    Proper maintenance and cleaning of socks Socks are a small item, but everyone wears them. Some people do not love cleaning socks, will be thrown away after wearing, feel with sweat, cleaning is not convenient, also can not get rid of the taste.

  • Must master the pantyhose specific classification knowledge

    Specific classification knowledge of pantyhose that must be mastered Definition of tights Also known as five-bone socks, can be divided into the following categories:

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