Are five-toe socks healthier?


Five toe socks became popular in Japan. In its early days, it began as a health care function. Five toe socks do help, and many foot problems have been found medically to be caused by bacterial cross-infection between the toes. Five toe socks can isolate the toes of the wearer, help the wearer's feet absorb sweat and breathe, and inhibit bacteria, relieve itching and prevent beriberi.

Additional, divide toe to return those who can reduce a toe to squeeze each other, promote the blood circulation of crural ministry, reduce the sufficient ministry skin disease such as qualitative pathological changes of skin thickening, foot. The effective correction of toes can also help children to develop toe deformation as they grow older.

Japan is very popular five finger socks, because the five finger socks not only meet people warm, comfortable, beautiful needs, but also have health care functions. Human society enters 21 centuries today, foot ministry infection such as beriberi, fingernail becomes people to feel quite headache disease.

Although the medicine that treats foot disease appears ceaselessly, but can treat a symptom only, cannot treat a cause; It can only be treated, but cannot be prevented. Later, people found that if the five toes are separated, the toes are often kept in a sanitary state, which does not give the conditions for bacteria to live, avoiding and preventing cross-infection at the source, protecting the toes, and antibacterial and deodorant. So five toe socks are healthier.

It is often said that the foot is our second heart, which fully illustrates the importance of the foot to us. So how do we protect our feet? The first is to choose the right socks, as we all know socks are an essential daily necessities for everyone.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of socks, especially those of our female friends. We aim to let you know more about socks, so that you can look at socks correctly, choose socks and wear socks.

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