How does the woman choose socks?


Socks, material in the form of a variety, style, style, but also make a person dazzling, more because of the complexity and the diversity of style, style, want to choose a suitable socks, most people don't know where to begin, to this end, we will according to the wearing time, wearing occasions, the wearing object, wearing purpose is analyzed, according to the specific situation provides with reference for everyone.

One, formal occasion

The so-called formal occasion, refers to the atmosphere more dignified, serious occasion. Generally including academic, such as speeches, academic conferences, award conference, and political, such as the summit, the people's congress, party classes, and some customs, such as attending weddings, birthday parties, funerals and so on.

General formal occasions to wear trouser suits, dresses, dress, qipao - based. Most pantsuits are made with skin-tone silk stockings (here, silk stockings refer to knee-length or knee-length stockings, not pantyhose), and a few are made with black. In cold winter, black velvet stockings are mainly used.

Dress, formal dress, cheongsam in some formal occasions (such as government affairs, business occasions) is to natural skin color pantyhose collocation mainly, black fleshy stockings is not in line with international etiquette practices, take the British royal family dress as an example.

But black silk is allowed for funerals. On this occasion black also reflects a heavy sense of mourning and solemnity.

When professional woman is wearing suit skirt, tie-in color tights or black tights are ok, home is given priority to with black tights more, in most euramerican country, it is tie-in color of skin tights below general circumstance, winter tie-in does not show the black tights of flesh.

Is given priority to with color of skin more abroad

Proper dress, not only can appear more beautiful, but also can reflect a modern civilized people's good culture and unique taste. A person's upbringing, quality and connotation, reflected in these small points.

Second, the informal occasion

In informal situations, socks are matched mainly by personal preference. With the development of the fashion trend, girls in the open and free environment are more and more concerned about their own wearing feelings, rather than pure external attraction, with different clothing, socks also gradually changing, become the most fashionable collocation.

1. Match various single shoes

Due to the variety of single shoes, shoe mouth depth is different, when choosing matching socks, the main consideration is breathable and sweat absorption, anti-slip protection, while in order to be beautiful, wear the need to be invisible, will not reveal the socks, which is beautiful, and can ensure the health of the foot. Below is a list of different types of single shoes and corresponding socks for your reference when choosing socks.

This kind of single shoe is very shallow, so you need to choose the most shallow type of invisible socks, preferably with non-slip silicone heel, the heel is not easy to fall off when wearing, more comfortable. It is better to choose pure cotton, cotton hemp or bamboo fiber as the material, which absorbs sweat and breathes freely, is healthy and environmentally friendly. Try not to choose chemical fiber or silk as far as possible, which has poor sweat absorption and breathability, and is easy to cause sweat feet or fungus breeding.

For some people who have special requirements, such as the occurrence of fungal cross-infection of toes, athlete's foot and excessive sweat of feet, they can choose the five-toe boat socks made of pure cotton, which can separate the toes and absorb sweat more. Even the gaps between the toes can keep the air and dry. And for the need to wear clips and want to wear socks, can also choose two-toe socks type; Choose what kind of socks, depends on what you have specific requirements.

And to sock mouth relatively tall single shoe, casual shoe, athletic shoe, can choose accordingly sock mouth tall boat sock.

This type of shoes vamp is high, if wear socks, too shallow at the mouth of the instep and shoes lining contact parts, especially the instep position by shoes lining extrusion and friction, easy to sweat, even torn skin, so you should choose more socks to protect your feet, so also can improve the comfort of walking, especially in the case of walking long distances.

In addition to invisible boat socks, there are many different combinations, such as heaping socks and some fashion socks, knee-length socks, and over-the-knee socks. Socks as fashion accessories, more and more respected by people, especially the young generation, they are willing to spend more time and attention on socks.

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