How to identify cotton socks


Perhaps you are also to buy pure cotton socks and worry, so teach you how to identify pure cotton socks?

You can first look at what is pure cotton socks and common textile fiber identification method? And socks are made of many different materials, so it takes a certain amount of experience to identify pure cotton, and then the concept of pure cotton itself is a little bit distorted. But generally speaking, the following four steps to identify whether it is cotton socks?

How to identify cotton socks

Touch - pure cotton fabric feels full, thick and looks the same thickness.

Net friend said: from the selection above, I think cotton socks feel a little rougher than artificial fiber. With a lot of artificial fiber socks feel very greasy

(artificial fibers feel a bit like pinching a 9-hole quilt, and cotton socks feel like pinching a cotton blanket.)

Look - pure cotton fabric has "aurora", with both hands to make the fabric flat and add some tension, the fabric and the body downward 45 degree Angle, to the light source to see whether there is dazzling light flash, if there is, it is proved that there are synthetic fiber.

Stroll remind: this needs certain experience, because usually in the bottom of pure cotton socks yarn and nylon, spandex, polyester, polyamide fiber to enhance the flexibility of pure cotton socks, so choose socks to choose what is generally acrylic add less ~ cotton composition more ~ such socks soft, good moisture absorption, wear comfortable.

Net friend: elastic socks almost all is not pure cotton want to distinguish pure cotton you can see stick sign must pay attention to the sticker is not really stick sign there is a fire socks to see whether the ball will be ball is not blown into ashes that is pure cotton socks

Knead -- there are obvious pleats after kneading pure cotton fabric. Fold the fabric in half and scrape it with your fingernail. There is a clear pleat line after unfolding.

Burning - cotton fiber near the flame does not melt or shrink, contact the fire immediately burning, burning when the smell of paper burning, burning out after the fine and soft black and white flocculent ash, no coke.

The correct way to identify socks as pure cotton socks is to identify the surface veil line of socks, which is the cotton thread (except decorative pattern) on the front of socks.

Instead of grabbing a sock and burning it with a bunch of threads in it. It would certainly be a lump when burned, together with the substrate.

The result of a pure cotton sock is that it burns quickly after it is ignited and lasts for a period of time. The cotton has very little powder and ash, and there are no particles or lumps in the hand.

The burning ashes of synthetic socks, on the other hand, condense into particles or clumps that are too hard to break with your hands. And the cotton of pure cotton socks is a high-carbon plant fiber, which gives out a paper-like smell after burning, which is quite different from the smell of chemical fiber burning.

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