Legs thick, how to match socks to make legs thinner?


1. Basic collocation skills:

The female appropriate with thick thigh chooses to cross the long tube socks of knee or the bright color socks that does not pass knee, the color of sock ought to be deeper, had better not have the design of large area or decorative pattern, but do not repel longitudinal stripe or slender broken flower.

Collocation scheme:

Scheme one: black filar socks + tight leg pants

Of element of large area black apply can produce a kind of contractive feeling, make burly ham appears a few thinner, add the cover that crosses knee lantern knickers and black filar socks, can make a brand-new "thin leg angel".

Scheme 2: colourful strip stockings + 4 cent jeans

The socks in vertical form colour strip design pulls leg ministry line from go up to below, focus the line of sight completely on slant fine crus, tie-in 4 minutes knickers, can thigh proud flesh perfect cloak, highlight the knee that bone feels. , in addition, handsome receive waist length width small dress also is a window, with stockings, jeans collocation can abate ham plump.

2. Mix the wind:

The 7 minutes socks that have bowknot and lace adornment can make ham looks a few finer, the sock of this kind of design just is stuck in the lower part of crus the thickest position, can have contractive effect on the line of sight, ham is fuller and crus slants the woman of fine to suit this sock most. Add a pair of fleecy socks and you'll get a sense of balance and balance between your legs.

Collocation scheme:

Scheme 1: dark brown tights + sweater + plaid skirt

Pair dark brown tights with a sweater of the same color to show off your fashion sense while still showing off your slim figure. In order to make line of sight rise up, abate the impression to thick leg, might as well tie-in a red-brown check skirt, the bright yellow in skirt can attract the eye of others, the defect of ham nature won't expose again in full view of public.

Scheme 2: black tights + tower skirt + casual small unlined upper garment

Cascade of tower skirt that rises and fall like wave is orderly, cooperate stripe small unlined upper garment and white outer garment to appear healthy and lively, add ablaze condole to drop and the design of exaggerated before the bosom, the line of vision that lets a person shifts up, black 6 minutes panty pants can rise slender effect again, for you "thin leg" great cause helped a helping hand.

3. Tips for matching leg shapes:

The key that crus thick woman chooses sock is scale to want to coordinate, had better not choose the sock that has thick feeling, be like black pure cotton socks, cashmere socks; Do not choose to have the socks of visual expand color more, if red, yellow wait for warm color to fasten, they can let crus look more exaggerated. Generally speaking, has the visual contraction effect the color, such as green, blue and so on cool color department crosses the knee the sock to be able to raise the line of sight upward, if the sock has the longitudinal line or the bright silk, has the longer beautiful leg function.

Socks collocation boots, socks and boots should be the same tone, or socks color should be a few lighter than boots color, through different shades of the same color collocation, can build a harmonious color combination, make calves more slender. In addition, a strong contrast color mix can also create the perfect effect of small legs.

Collocation scheme:

Scheme 1: red filar hosiery + black reach knee stockings

The filar socks of bright red mixes build black or cool color to reach knee stockings, intense light and shade contrast can let ham become the focus of the line of sight, the socks that black or cool color fastens can have contractive effect on the vision, let double leg appear sexy and attractive.

Scheme 2: blue knee socks + white medium skirt

Bright-coloured blue crosses knee socks to be more additional kind socks, also be the advocate advocate of the girl with thicker crus is lubricious. Bright colors create a visual contraction and extend the line of sight up through the knee. Create a red and blue scrunch at the top of the sock to accentuate the bony knee.

Scheme 3: orange filar hosiery + gray crosses knee cotton hosiery

Bright orange filar socks can enrich the line of ham, have vigor and vitality, catch the eyeball of others firmly; Grey crosses knee cotton socks grace and downy, the design of vertical stripe makes crus line becomes lovely soft beauty, increased change feeling for double leg. The collocation of both but make up for crus properly is short of regret, make it full of the temptation that does not resist.

4. Color palette

Love women wear stockings but leg whole coarser, should choose dark brown, black and dark stockings or tights, unfavorable choose light color silk stockings or relatively gorgeous colour socks, lest the stout legs more produces on the vision illusion, in addition, the shoes should also pay attention to avoid wearing stilettos and that appear to make more swollen ankle shoes.

Collocation scheme:

Scheme 1: black silk + bronzer boots

Bronzed boots and black stockings work perfectly together to create slim legs. Match a slightly loose straight skirt to leave enough room for your legs to avoid the awkwardness of wrapping your boots tightly.

Scheme 2: black filar socks + flanged boot

Fluffy skirt will be full of hips and thighs, tight straight leg boots ACTS the role of the deficiency of the calf, although white flanging design increases the leg expand feeling, but the sweater of ivory has diluted the danger, the whole body shape in accordance with the "superficial, deep, shallow, deep" jump with rhythm, the drums, covering the deficiency of the leg.

Socks are not only great for slimming legs, but also for fleshing them out. A clever pairing technique can make skinny legs look healthier and perfect for your outfit.

Tie-in Tips

Socks for women with thick legs are taboo

Taboo a: warm color silk socks + socks + miniskirt

Warm color filar socks produces expand feeling very easily, tie-in socks more can accentuate the expand effect of leg ministry, miniskirt can reveal the ground without a glance of burly ham again, such collocation is contraindication absolutely!

Taboo two: hollow out silk socks

The blackish green filar socks that fastens as cool color can have contractive effect, make leg ministry appears slender, with transverse hollow out pattern had opposite effect however, offset the effect of the thin leg with original filar socks.

Taboo three: flesh color silk socks + skirt

No matter be ham thick or crus thick, flesh-colored filar socks and short skirt it may be said to be the classic combination in worst collocation, it can let originally stout ham be wrapped like two changed the white radish of the color, very ugly.

Taboo four: big mesh socks

The net socks of fine grid has the effect of contraction, suitable for all legs, but the big grid socks do not have such affinity, if there is no absolute confidence to their legs, or do not easily accept the big grid socks "temptation", so as not to cross bad.

In addition, for the women who want to wear mesh socks but the leg shape is not beautiful enough, you can first wear a colorful pantyhose, and then put on a mesh socks. Mix build nevertheless when, ought to net socks as far as possible to ham place is pulled straight, make grid appears more dense, can achieve popular thin leg vision effect so, achieve the effect that decorates a leg.

Taboo five: socks + socks

In jacket of socks a pair of drape is covered, although can enhance the stereo sense of leg ministry line, but show fat very easily however so, the girl with so thick leg or short leg had better not try easily.

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