[progressive decompression elastic socks] principles of progressive decompression elastic socks pressure grading medical elastic socks treatment


[progressive decompression elastic socks] principles of progressive decompression elastic socks pressure grading medical elastic socks treatment

Step - by - step compression hose pressure grading

Primary low pressure (15-25mmhg)

· it is applicable to the health care and prevention of long-term bedridden people with high incidence of thrombosis

Primary pressure (20-30mmhg)

· prevent the occurrence of people with potential venous diseases

· feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs

· mild varicose veins during pregnancy

· slight varicose veins without edema

· long time by plane, car, etc

Secondary pressure (30-40mmhg)

More severe varicose veins during pregnancy

Varicose veins with mild edema

· after the occurrence of thrombotic superficial phlebitis and deep phlebitis

· success of maintenance therapy after sclerotherapy or surgery

· chronic venous valve dysfunction

· upright/postural hypotension

· deep vein thrombosis after basic treatment to prevent or treat post-thrombotic syndrome

Three-stage pressure (40-50mmhg)

Severe varicose veins with marked edema of the legs

· severe vein valve insufficiency

· cured of severe ulcer erosion

· edema after trauma

· patients with reversible lymphedema

Medical elastic socks treatment principle

Step by step decompression elastic socks is a kind of product with the function of promoting venous blood reflux of lower limbs. Stretch socks provide strong support at the ankles, where pressure is most needed, and gradually decrease up the leg, to 70-90% of the maximum pressure in the calf and 25%-45% of the maximum pressure in the thigh. This unique design keeps the blood pulsing and circulating as if there is a "second heart" at work.

During the non-surgical treatment, progressive decompression elastic socks were used to offset the increase of venous pressure caused by various reasons with external pressure, and to reduce the diameter of excessively dilated veins in the lower limbs. With the support of the elastic socks, the venous valve system will begin to work again, and the lower limbs will no longer be pooled.

Furthermore, idiopathic telangiectasia (arachnoid veins) and varicose veins may reduce or even completely prevent the risk of thrombosis or embolism. Improved metabolism can also help prevent and treat eczema and ulcers in the lower extremities. External pressure can also reduce the leakage of tissue fluid.

This prevents further development of edema. In addition to varicose veins in the lower extremities, patients with lymphedema in the lower extremities and deep vein thrombosis in the lower extremities also need to wear progressive decompression elastic socks. Therefore, in vascular surgery, the use of elastic socks is an important and effective treatment, in many treatment methods, varicose elastic socks is the most safe, convenient, economical and practical method.

Medical elastic socks maintenance method

The best time to wear step by step stress relief elastic socks is in the morning when you get up, because at this time the leg vascular system is in a state of maximum function, swelling has not occurred.

1. Put one hand into the sock, hold the inner part of the sock two inches, and turn the sock to the heel with the other hand.

Turn most of your stockings over so that your feet can reach easily into the top of your stockings.

3. Put both thumbs on the inside of the socks, hold the socks with four fingers, put the feet into the socks, hold the socks with both thumbs on the outside, pull the socks to the ankle with four fingers in coordination with the thumb, and put the socks in the right position.

4. Turn the socks back and pull up the legs step by step.

Pay special attention to wearing or taking off elastic socks, do not let diamond jewelry or long fingernails scratch elastic socks.

Please cut your fingernails frequently. In the dry season, you should prevent the skin crack on the heel and avoid scratching elastic socks. In addition often check whether level off even inside shoe even, prevent sundry cause the needless attrition of stretch socks, prolong service life.

Wash to want to use neuter scour to wash in lukewarm water, do not wring dry, squeeze with the hand or suck with dry towel eliminate redundant moisture, dry in shady and cool place, do not park below sunshine or artificial heat source air bask in or bake. Any high-quality products, only careful care can extend its service life, to achieve the best use of the effect.

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