Short legs: something that makes your legs look longer


Short legs: something that makes your legs look longer

Women with short legs are considered petite no matter how they dress up, and they have to wear platform heels if they want to wear a long dress. In fact, suitable socks are the best "helper" to make up for leg, as long as in socks to play a little pattern, can stretch the proportion of the leg.

1. Basic collocation skills:

Women with short legs should opt for dark, straight or fine-grained socks. Dark socks should be worn with shoes of the same color, but socks should be slightly lighter than shoes.

Collocation scheme:

Scheme 1: colourful strip stockings + high heel sandals

Socks with vertical stripes are perfect for ballerina heels, with gold and green stripes extending visually downward: a slightly geometric shape lines the ankle, and a thin ribbon is designed to trim the foot while slimming it down.

Scheme 2: tangerine stockings + ankle boots

Matching orange-red stockings with red-brown ankle boots gives the effect of a boot, virtually lengthening the length of the legs.

2. Pair with shoes:

Stockings match high-heeled shoes to make crus look slender, color of filar socks should match with high-heeled shoes color, produce slender sense on the vision, but unfavorable choice is big red big green wait for colourful socks, avoid square heel shoe and those look bulky, bright shoe socks.

Collocation scheme:

Case 1: light brown stockings + dark brown sandals

A little transparent stockings with brown heels not only add a sense of stability, but also make the legs look longer. The low-waisted belt is tied at will and corresponds to the LACES at the ankles, lifting the legs upward.

Scheme 2: over knee black stockings + denim shorts + beige sandals

Although beige and black are not the same color system, but both are joker color, match each other not obtrusive, but have the effect of elongating legs. The length of socks above the knee can also effectively reduce the leg circumference and lift the leg line together with denim shorts.

3. With legs:

Stockings and pantyhose can show the slender shape of the legs and outline the perfect posture. Women with short legs can choose pantyhose when wearing boots or dresses, and pull the side of pantyhose up to the edge of the ankle, which can effectively lengthen the line of the leg and make your legs look thinner.

Collocation scheme:

Scheme 1: pantyhose + medium boot + miniskirt

Black pantyhose and black boots match, effectively narrow the leg circumference, the vision stretched the leg; Casual spread of miniskirt and hip T - shirt, and boots together with the length of the whole body line.

Scheme 2:9 minutes socks + silver shallow mouth shoe + reach knee broken flower dress

The dress of broken flower of white of blue base looks although compare messy, but the navy blue that tie-in a pair of composed 9 minutes of tights can neutralize design numerous and numerous, because the length of tights just arrives ankle, so for slightly fat person, tie-in reachs knee broken flower skirt and the shallow mouth shoe that take heel can make double leg looks slender absolutely.

Short legs, how to match socks to make legs look longer?

Tie-in Tips

Socks are a no-no for women with short legs

Taboo a: small ankle boots + half socks

Black stockings are a continuation of the boot, giving the legs a longer, more symmetrical look, while half socks with ankle boots are counter-productive.

Taboo 2:7 minutes pants + half length socks

Seven minutes of length is easy to appear short legs, so should protect the legs of the whole sense, with socks is an absolute taboo.

No. 3: horizontal striped socks

Socks with vertical stripes have a visual contraction effect that makes the legs appear relatively slender. Although the socks of horizontal stripe is good-looking, the lady with short legs still does not try easily.

No. 4: colorful socks

Big red big green and other colorful socks for leg curve visual expansion effect is very strong, short legs or do not wear this kind of socks, they will make the legs look shorter.

Taboo five: section collocation

Wear medium socks with ankle boots or a trench coat with medium socks. These ankle to knee splits are not recommended, as they make the legs look shorter.

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