Socks in a minute: the best way to prevent silk stockings from running out


People who wear silk stockings may have this experience: the new silk stockings are particularly easy to run, through the phenomenon of silk stockings but less.

The silk thread of original new silk socks is particularly smooth, the thorn on the hand and the sharp thorn on the object around, it is easy to cause silk socks to run. And the silk socks that pass through as a result of silk thread is direct slippery degree already reduced greatly, so the phenomenon that draw silk is opposite er is little.

Use the following methods to prevent filaments:

1, the new stockings in the packaging must be careful to prevent the stocking packaging cardboard burr caused by the silk stockings.

2, the new stockings before wearing, it is best to wash first, so can make stockings silk thread become dull.

3, if you can ensure that silk stockings in the case of not drawing silk wear a day, and then wash, silk stockings drawing phenomenon will be greatly reduced.

4, if the first washing stockings in water to add a small amount of vinegar, can make stockings silk thread dull, can increase the wearing time of stockings.

5, usually pay attention to the maintenance of both hands and feet, such as found on the hands or feet of the burr, to deal with as soon as possible, these burrs are often caused by silk socks drawing the culprit.

6, the hard cocoon on the foot is also very easy to damage stockings, to often clean.

7. If you have dry skin, always apply a moisturizer to your hands and feet. Keep your hands and feet lubricated, which will reduce the amount of running silk and damage to your stockings.

8, wear socks house special gloves wear silk stockings and silk stockings, can avoid the hands of nail dead skin, jewelry scraping silk stockings.

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