The company was founded in one day


The footsteps of summer away gently, cool breeze, cool autumn wind send.On this day, our company held a one-day league construction in matfield.

company trip

Once you get off the bus, you can feel the joy of a slow pace of life, the small bridge running water, and the old bridge across the slow flowing stream, which makes you feel relaxed and happy.Go to the sea of flowers, pink, yellow, red, a large a large let you can not help but sigh, this is the beauty of nature.How could such a beautiful landscape not hold an event?Pumpkin competition officially opened.With a directive from the referee, the two teams rushed out of the general staff, in order to their team's honor, a sprint.That's what the game is about.

company trip

When it was time to test his acting skills, everyone gathered around him to kill his favorite werewolf. After four rounds, the Oscar had to be awarded to Roy.Well, actually, I think it's confusing to have a harmless face.

company trip

With the passage of time, a day of the construction of the league so quietly passed in laughter.After this mission, I believe everyone has gained a lot.

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