Wear pantyhose in summer


Filar socks is not only stick to go up in the skin so simple, still have the effect that tighten up, summer wears long filar socks or pantyhose for a long time, go against pore diastole, block the eduction of sweat.

As a result of sweat excretion not free, inorganic salt and other skin metabolites produce stimulation, will make the skin itchy, severe itching will cause inflammation, will bring influence to the skin and mood, and even aggravate gynecological diseases.

Female lower body is relatively damp, wearing pantyhose in summer not only is not conducive to the lower body through cool air, but also easy to induce or aggravate vaginitis and other gynecological diseases, so it is appropriate to choose this kind of open gear pantyhose.

This product overcomes the disadvantage of airtight crotch of pantyhose, which makes ladies feel uncomfortable. It not only maintains the advantages of pantyhose, but also has the advantages of air permeability and comfortable wearing.

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