What are the benefits of wearing silk stockings?


The popularity of tights is reasonable, so many MM chose tights, because wearing tights benefits are too much, let us see what advantages it has!

Thin transparent tights that match your skin tone enhance the look and feel of your legs, making them look smooth and delicate. So women in many industries are required to wear silk stockings at work.

2, sun protection in summer, sun protection is everyone concerned about the problem, if you do not take protective measures, exposed in the face, arms, legs, it is easy to be sunburned, so before going out, a lot of people want to wear sunscreen skin care products (such as sunscreen).

You know, sunscreen is a chemical that has some effect on your body. If you wear a pair of silk stockings on your legs, you can reduce the intensity of the sunlight on your legs and play a protective role.

3. Prevention of varicose veins people walk upright. Due to the gravity effect of the earth, the pressure on the veins in their legs is much greater than that of other parts of the body, so many people are prone to varicose veins in their legs. Artificially put a certain amount of external force on the legs, you can prevent or reduce varicose veins in the legs. Wearing silk stockings can play this role.

4. Prevent edema for people who have been engaged in standing work for a long time, such as hotel and hotel greeters, waiters, shopping mall waiters and soldiers on guard; People who take a plane for a long time are prone to edema because their legs are in a lower position for a long time.

Silk stocking is equivalent to from the outside of the leg to the leg to apply a certain amount of pressure, can greatly reduce the leg edema phenomenon.

5、When the weather is cold and you don't want to wear too thick clothes, you can choose a pair of silk stockings of appropriate thickness to wear on your legs (of course, you can also wear silk stockings in trousers), which can not only keep warm but also avoid too heavy leg. Many MM did not wear stockings and tights habit, always from pants, directly to bare legs.

Wearing pantyhose is actually a very good habit. It allows you to put on fashionable dresses early without getting cold -- you know, the behavior of manners rather than temperature will lay the risk for arthritis and other diseases in the future, but it will be too late to regret.

6, prevent sweat when trousers stick to the body when summer wears trousers, sweat when the leg, trousers can stick to the leg, increase the attrition between skin of the leg ministry and trousers, give action generation great inconvenience. It makes a big difference if you wear a pair of sleek, ultra-thin pantyhose under your pants. (look for breathable pantyhose.)

You will feel that your legs will not stick to the skin of your legs, whether you sweat or not, and you will not be affected in any way. Need to explain a point, wear thin silk socks in pants and wear pants directly, the feeling of heat is basically the same.

7, long time in the air conditioning indoor work, should wear silk socks summer people often wear clothes are very few, long time in the air conditioning indoor work, and feel some cool, time for a long time, prone to arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases. Wear a pair of silk stockings on the leg, can reduce the occurrence of the above phenomenon.

A lot of people think, filar socks should be ok as long as did not break a hole, why buy good. Actually the function of filar socks besides dress up double leg outside, the filar socks of a pair of high quality still should consider health, have fine use performance.

First of all, high quality stockings have breathable function, even in summer can also discharge sultry moisture, let you no longer have sweat sticky skin trouble, let skin and air free contact; And inferior filar socks makes sweat aperture cannot diastole, affect the eduction of sweat, the skin metabolite in sweat, can stimulate the skin to itch, produce skin inflammation.

Second, high quality stockings should be elastic, tighten the leg proud flesh, make the leg line more beautiful, but also can effectively prevent varicose veins, especially extended to the abdomen elasticity should be stronger, help to tighten the abdomen, shape the perfect figure; And common filar socks cannot have such function.

Moreover, high quality silk stockings should have strong adhesion and fit closely with the skin. Even at the knees and popliteal joints, there is no wrinkle, just like the second layer of skin. Moreover, silk stockings have transparent and uniform color and strong covering power, making the skin look more delicate and shiny. And inferior filar socks is worn on the body can feel not suit.

High quality silk stockings should be processed by thermal extension to make them more firm, wear-resistant and not easy to draw, heated silk has the effect of anti-static, no dust absorption can also avoid the embarrassment of adsorption skirt; And common silk socks are easy to hook bad, and adsorption dust and skirt, both affect the appearance, is not conducive to protecting the skin.

Did not think of, small filar socks also can have so much function, ignored, also can affect his health. But also according to their own economic strength, act according to one's ability. By the way, silk stockings also have the function of maintaining normal temperature and keeping the body clean.

Socks wear for a long time, the accumulation of sewage is easy to decompose and send out a strong stench, should wash frequently change, in order to maintain the comfortable and clean health of foot.

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