cotton socks

  • Combed Cotton Socks

    Combed Cotton Socks is combing new cotton, moisture absorption and breathable, soft and non-binding, good elasticity, no stimulation, wear and wash, wear for a long time without deformation. The sock mouth does not restrain the foot, adds the high elastic sock mouth, the tension has the degree, if does not have the line, gently wraps the step, disperses the ankle pressure, feels relaxed and comfortable. Comfortable tights, full reinforcement, no sense of restraint, protect toe from friction. Socks with three-dimensional design, good package, not easy to shift, more wear-resistant, wearing more comfortable, say goodbye to drop with embarrassment. Far more wonderful than imagined, take care of your feet. After all, it has to accompany you to walk a lot of road. The meaning of this pair of socks, to accompany you to the end.

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  • Men Cotton Socks

    Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Foul, Disposable , Anti-slip, Breathable

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